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On Firefox Android, I've noticed problems on download management:

1. The Downloads page does not display the progress/status of ongoing downloads. It only displays completed downloads.
2. The download progress only displays in the system notification. If the download fails and cleared that notification (either intentional or by accident), the download will be removed/cancelled.

Here's my idea:
Add more information in the Downloads page (much like in Chrome and Edge):
- progress/status of ongoing downloads
- pause/unpause and cancel options
- progress bar or otherwise
- download speed and size downloaded over download file size

Comparison of downloads page of Chrome, Edge and Firefox:

Notice the download notification icon on the top of each browser.Notice the download notification icon on the top of each browser.

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The thing is, Android has it's own download manager that should tell you in the notifications what the status of the download is....

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You should add a MB in the Download Notification for the Firefox Mobile (Android) (Not sure if iOS has the same case, but if it is, it's also included in this topic) because it only shows the progress bar.

Example Notif:      55.05MB / 97.68 MB
[==================                                ]

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more detailed download section for android firefox

  • Currently in the download section it only shows the file when downloading is finished. What i want is more detailed infomation, like what files are being downloaded, how much has it finished in percentage, speed, a pause button, and the url of the download. In a word, anything that exists in PC firefox.
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According to MintMain21, i turned on notification of the download manager within my phone and things work right now. But i still think the feature is worth it since many people still dont even know about this(like me before today).

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I have so many problems with how firefox mobile handles downloads it's incredible.  I have just been updating a review of the app with my ever-growing list of feature discrepancies between the previous version of firefox mobile and the desktop version.   Download progress, or even whether you have even started a download or not - completely invisible to the mobile user.  I have long pressed and selected download on a file 4 or 5 times and only one version shows up.   The only reason I'm still using it is the password manager linked to the desktop app. Please please fix the downloads.

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I am typing this with Firefox on Android. At the moment I may be downloading between 0 and 2 files, which I will know in an hour or so, because I have no way to see the download status (and the files are large).

For me this is a basic feature missing. Why?

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Downloader/ Download Manager

There's in no good in-built downloader available or any downloader extension available in Android version of Firefox. Please add!

We cannot even change the location of files & rename the files before downloading.

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Something similar to Chrome browser would be great. And I agree with Legitimater.

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Opera has better downloader than any other browser available out there.

Making moves

Deal breakers In Firefox Android Downloads 

1. No, In App Section To See What's Currently Downloading (Download Section Only Shows Finished Tasks)

2. Need To Relay On Notification To See Current Task But When We Close The App It Goes.

3. No File Info In Downloading Like Total Size & How Much Is Done 235MB/750MB.

4. Doesn't Show How Much Time It Takes To Download.

5. While Downloading Multiple Files Redirected By Any App Doesn't Even Shown Progress In Notification

6. When We Accidentally Close Firefox Downloading Get Cancelled. ( Fix 6 ASAP)


This My Playstore Review 2 Years Back. No One Listen.


Fingers Crossed 🤞

Status changed to: Trending idea
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Community Manager

Hey all,

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Aha, finally I found here. I'll tell my experience. When I found there's no progress bar, I thought it's something wrong with my system or firefox software. So I searched. I found the exact same problem for the desktop version here , which is the problem of add-on. So I checked, but my Android version has no add-on.

What I wish to say is this looks like a bug, not a feature. If the desktop version consider it as a serious problem, why Android version does not? Also, most softwares use system notification area as a place for advertisments. So it's unexpected that an important feature is there. My suggestion is at the very least, when you detect the notification for firefox is off, please provide a hint in the download page that the notification should be on to see the progress.

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YES, I want this downloader feature be added to firefox android

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In-built Download Manager

Please introduce a good in-built downloader like the Opera Browser, for the Android version of Firefox.

Current Firefox's In-built Download Manager is extremely primitive.