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Status: New idea

    I have some idea for improve storing and using password during normal work in internet. My idea based on create new channel for forward credentials - not using keyboard or clipboard. I want to use dedicated channel for fill data in form - e.g. Unix socket on *nixes. In my opinion from user perspective it should looks like that:
0. User have form with password input
1. User by context menu select option "get password" or similar
2. Browser ask by (e.g.) Unix socket password manager
3. Password manager receive ask and show user confirmation window
4. When user confirm - password is sent by dedicated channel
5. Browser fill form input by received text

When I dive into Wasm SDL API i found function for get data from system clipboard. So this channel is not secure as should be.
Typing password on keyboard or keyboard emulator is not save, because someone can have keylogger malware.
There is no 3rd channel for fill password filed in form and 2FA isn't possible everywhere.

Best regards,
Firefox user

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