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Making moves
Status: New idea

In Firefox, the user can easily apply exceptions to HTTPS-only mode.

However, in Firefox for Android, it's an all-or-nothing approach for HTTPS-only mode.

This has been bugging me ever since HTTPS-only mode was introduced because every time I check Australia's Bureau of Meteorology site for weather forecasts, I have to disable HTTPS-only mode and then I get redirected to anyway.

Yes, it's a poor site implementation but until and unless BoM adopts HTTPS, I'm forced to choose between HTTPS-only mode or not at all in Firefox for Android. Is it reasonable to have the Android version match the desktop version or are there technical reasons why this hasn't been implemented? Should I revert to HTTPS Everywhere for Android version only?

Thanks for your consideration.

Status changed to: New idea
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Hi - I have exactly the same HTTPS/BOM problem. I use the BOM rain radar multiple times a day on android. Having just (again) tried to move wholeheartedly to Firefox, I find myself pushed back to a chrome-based browser by this issue. I REALLY want to stick with Firefox this time, so please consider allowing https exceptions on Android Firefox. Thanks!

Making moves

I recently when accessing the BOM site the following error message was received...."

The Bureau of Meteorology website does not currently support connections via HTTPS.You will shortly be redirected to"

I referred the matter to The BOM and this is their response was to refer it to Firefox.."

Some internet browsers will sometimes experience a minor error when accessing the Bureau's website. This will usually happen after a browser update such as a recent Firefox update."  ( Case CAS-77025-B5W3T6 ).

As I prefer to use Firefox, can you shed some light on this problem.

Thanks Richard Cook  

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Is there any progress on this?

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Not having this feature makes people more likely to turn off https only mode which would reduce security when visiting every site. Not good.

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I and my family must use the browser for my own sites running on my own servers running on my own private network, inaccessible to the internet, as well as separately authenticated.  These servers do not run TLS as there is no reason to do so.

Without the ability to turn off https-only on a site-specific basis, as an all-or-nothing feature, it will have to be "nothing", i.e. I must turn it off everywhere for myself and all my family members.  This is a pity because it would be a good feature so long as the user could have a little more control over it.

If I could generalize a bit, this seems to be emblematic of an increasing totalitarian attitude by the Mozilla developers of disdain for the intellect of the users, removing choice and forcing the users to do what the developers think is best.  Firefox *used to be* the browser that offered users choices: it is increasingly becoming the browser that forces users' hands and does *not* offer choice.