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Status: New idea

I'm not sure if there is already a way around these, but it's very annoying to not be allowed to view a webpage just because I use an ad blocker. 

It would be good if Firefox had something that blocked these Web page blockers from coming up, so that I can view any webpages whilst using an ad blocker. If there is already a way of doing this, please feel free to comment as that would be very helpful to know. 

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Familiar face

I had the same issue with sme websites, they were always warning me to disable ad-blocker even if I added those websites to the whitelist (so not blocking their ads) and moreover enabled the anti-elusion function (to prevent those websites warning), I reported this issue to ad-blocker developers but I got no reply, nor at least a fix. In my case I use AdBlocker Ultimate, really cool and useful but if don't really work as it should I'm going to remove it in a few month further if I see no real fix. Perhaps usually those websites block aren't permanent, you should be able to skip the warning by clicking a button like Ok, Got it, I already disabled my ad-blocker or similar, others instead unlock after some seconds but anyway I understand that's annoying and slow down your work, this is sure.

New member

I'm sure frustration on being prevented viewing a web just because an ad-blocker is installed must be widespread.

On the side of the web page owner, I can see a valid issue about revenue from advertisers.

On the viewers side, the issue should not be about how frustrating it is. It should be about privacy. Web pages that interrogate viewer information to intentionally frustrate viewers based on what add-on the viewer has is an invasion of privacy.

Mozilla has be pro-active in protecting users privacy but this one seems to have slipped under the radar. Who would have thought when addressing privacy, that web designers would abuse viewers information like that, blocking based on what add-on a viewer has.

Even if a web page owner needs to sort out advertising revenue, privacy invasion cannot be justified. But it's happening and is not likely to stop any time soon.

The web design activity around ad-blocker has exposed a weakness in the Firefox browser wider than just the ad-blocker add-on. Similar privacy issues could arise with any add-on.

I would like to see Firefox privacy improved to create an option to make any add-on private, so the presence of it cannot be detected by the web page, including making them private from any Java-script activity.

Granted, the presence of some add-ons would need to be able to be interrogated so there would need to some method to classify selected add-ons as "private", even if just a simple tick-box.

I hope Mozilla views this seriously as it is a user privacy issue.

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Definitely needed!!  I'm now blocked from Youtube because of my ad blocker.  I understand that these websites need to make money but why does that always infringe on the rights of the individual?  If I wanted to buy something, I will research it and then purchase.  I have never purchased something because of an ad.   Why should we be "forced" to watch advertising???  I choose not to.  Please please please.....develop an anti-ad-blocker-killer...........keep us sane!