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Status: New idea

I would love to use firefox as my main browser, but as someone that extensively uses icloud keychain to store his passwords, I cannot switch to firefox from Google chrome, as only google chrome and Edge support the icloud keychain extension on windows.

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Strongly supporting this feature request! 

It would be absolutely useful to enable icloud password chains in Firefox too!


New member

I rotate browsers every month and this months choice is Firefox again but the lack of an apple keychain extension makes me "big sad".  +1 on this idea.

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Adding my voice to this thread. Firefox just yelled at me for using LastPass. I would love to switch to the Apple passwords so I can use Firefox. I have the extension installed on Opera, but Opera just had a massive update, and it's running a lot slower than it used to. I might have to stick with Opera for now...

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Amen! Please help Mozilla fam!

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Today I find that firefox performs better than Chrome. But I am using icloud keychain and google password manager. But none of them are available in firefox. when it will be available, I will make firefox default.

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Dear Firefox Team. Are there any hopes for this feature? It is really important for some people (like me). Thanks for awesome work anyways.

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Please!! I want to use firefox on my phone😓

New member

Agreed also. Please implement this feature.

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Also would like this! Last Pass functionality has not been keeping up.

New member

I think this is a must have... Many people don't use firefox just because of the lack of key chain integration