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Status: New idea

So i do work for many companies and would like to have the option of saving a session and container setup. also export to a container so it will move what i have open to a new container. this way i can work on many companies at the same time and post to there individual profiles.

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Community Manager

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Familiar face

You mean, to "stash" tabs in multi-account containers so that the certain tabs are closed but can be reopened later from a sidebar for example?

There is an extension called "Tab Stash", it's pretty good, you can use it to store tabs for later, but unfortunately, they don't work with multi-account containers (if you try you may see that it restores the tab with the container, but that's not consistent - when tabs are stashed they are hidden for some time before they are actually closed, and when you restore an actually closed tab, it doesn't open in a container, sadly)

New member

so i figured out how this can work ... add a bookmark extension to mark it with a container tag! this way anytime i open that book mark it will open in that container set.