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Using Firefox 114.0.2 64 bit, how do I clear so-called saved login data that pops up every time I wish to enter a previously accessed website? Example, I go to amazon website and when I click on the sign in bar, 9 different previous email address entry attempts show up from incorrect sign in attempts due to incorrect spelling.

I have spent over three hours looking for this correction and have been in the Firefox settings selecting all kinds of options per Duckduckgo search responses.

It would be great, in the next Firefox Update, to have a simple icon in the upper Firefox Toolbar which would allow the user to clear this info instantly. Yeah, soooo simple. Right?

Thanks, Gary

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Community Manager
Community Manager


You should be able to remove logins with our built-in password manager - more info in this support article here:

Hope this helps! Or if it's not what you're looking for, let me know 😃