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Status: New idea

I've about:config and set everything according to this article:

But while, say, on Google search page; click on a link and it STILL does not open the new item in a New tab.  Click within the Google search page, and it opens the link on that same tab.  Why?  I just told it specifically NOT to do that! (about:config)

I know about Ctrl+click, but how to get Firefox to ALWAYS open a new tab, dare I say, like Vivaldi.  I never have to worry in Vivaldi. It always opens a new tab, no matter where you are or what you're doing.  Always.  That's what I want.  Am I missing some special Firefox-voodoo incantation?😂

Thank you for listening to me; and I thank you for hearing me today! 🙂


Hi Nemo, Firefox currently has a limited feature: if the website coded a link to open in a new window, Firefox can divert it to a new tab instead. Firefox does not have a feature to direct ALL links to a new tab.

There is an add-on for that with nearly 10,000 users, which tells you this is a popular feature: 

By the way, Google, Bing, and many other search sites have a setting to code the links to open in a new window/tab. They know many users prefer that when searching. This setting is saved in a cookie, so if you clear cookies regularly, you'll need to reselect that option the next time.

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I agree.  I hate it when Firefox continually opens new tabs instead of just replacing the current tab.  Click on a link or picture, and another new tab comes up.  I did not always do this.  In fact, it has started recently and it is very annoying.

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I am probably one of the rare few who need Firefox to open a new url in a new page.  Until recently, I was able to do this in about:config; with this (latest) version no matter what I do in about:config I CANNOT get Firefox to open in a new page.  I have been using Firefox for over ten years but this is becoming an issue every day.  The logic to appears to be completely ineffective and yes I have cleared the cache, re-installed, etc.  Please fix this SOON; by the number of posts I would suspect a lot of users will be looking elsewhere.  Thank you.

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We can open a link in a new tab directly, by pressing Ctrl when clicking.

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Haven't used Firefox in a while but I seem to remember that opening a link in a new tab was never a problem. This is an easy fix - where is the settings option for this? I don't want to search and then click on a link and discover it is not what I want and then I have to scroll backwards to get back to the original search list. (I am accustomed to just x-ing the page with the link I didn't want. I will have to break that habit.) I should be able to click on a link in the search list and have it open in a new tab. As I said - easy. I came here to Firefox/Duck because Edge/Bing have decided to fix things that aren't broken. I didn't realize that F/D had already done that. (I will accept any annoyance on the planet before I use Chrome/Google.) And - thanks to the person who provided the control key trick - that is very helpful and is probably the only viable option. I just have to get in the habit of doing that when I click on a link. 😉