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Why is it either impossible or very difficult to change my search choice from to

Being British (which is not something I freely admit to these days) and a constant traveller, I want my searches to reflect the way my brain thinks. Oh. If only there was a switch to convert my 62 year old brain to think in other languages and cultures? But there isn't a nature produced answer to my needs, is there? But Firefox isn't nature though, is it? It's an unnatural concept that is only controlled by the way it has been programmed and it certainly is able to be controlled by it's programmers and why they insist on making it only for an American market I have yet to understand. So much so, after years of loyalty as my favourite browser, I am now going elsewhere because they appear to have made it impossible for the average (non geek) user to change it's settings without having a degree in Computer Studies. I simply (despite many years of experience) cannot chage the default search setting from to any more. What have you done Firefox?

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Hi, Google has a contract with Mozilla that I'm sure specifies in detail how to send them searches. But you are not restricted to the official search option -- you can add on a Google UK search engine. I actually posted one in response to a request long ago: