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Status: New idea

I am using Thunderbird 91.9.1 on Linux Kubuntu 21.10.

The real mail address should be shown when you hover over the sender name of a mail in your Inbox. This is a security issue, because right now the only way to see the sender mail address is to open the mail, which is not recommended for suspicious mails.

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Strollin' around

First, I entirely agree with the submitter's sentiment, and agree this Idea should be implemented as soon as is actually and reasonably possible.  Just want to make that clear 🙂😎.

You can 'View|Message Source' to see the contents without downloading any further resources or making any further network communications.  This is what I do when I'm suspicious but uncertain.  HOWEVER, that leaves a LOT of mail header to parse through for a sender, and if you want to check the mail body in this way, HTML source can be so much to parse even if you know HTML, just to get a sense of what the mail body says.

Further, I propose that the sender's e-mail address AND the Reply-To field's username and e-mail address be shown.  This is particularly important because any of the sender fields can be spoofed, but if a malicious sender wants a reply to mail they've sent spoofing someone else's e-mail address to which they don't actually have access, then the Reply-To field will be different.  This can be another clue as to the legitimacy of mail.

So when the user hovers over a sender name displayed in the InBox, there should be a ToolTip or equivalent display of something like this:

Sender: Sender-Username <Sender-E-mail>, Reply-To: Reply-To-Username <Reply-To-E-Mail>