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Status: New idea

A browser extension named "Enhanced iFrame Protection", which has this github repo:, gives the user a verbose warning when detecting iframe elements.

The warning is showed to warn the user about a potential security risk. This seems to be a logical feature Mozilla should have.

If implemented, the user should have the ability to e.g. disable/enable iframes in settings in the "Privacy & Security" tab.

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No more iframes ... execpt when you click the toolbar button.

Hope it helps.


As a footnote, you might be okay with iframes from the same host name or related host name. By that I mean, for example, if you are browsing on, you might be okay with frames from or On the other hand, you might want a warning for a frame from

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Hi people!

@JonThank you!

@AnonymousThat is awesome! It would be awesome if Mozilla combined your plugin with the plugin I referenced to. I would love to be able to block or restrict usage of iFrames in the tab for "Privacy & Security".

@jscher2000Yes you are correct. I would love to have the freedom to be able to enable iFrames when browsing web pages within e.g. a trusted environment.