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when websites are removed from the 'Library' (Show All History) dialog. artifacts remain as cookies. when all cookies, created in the time frame of the website visit, are removed by the dialog in settings, cookies, manage (Manage Cookies and Site Data), artifacts remain as recent closed tabs... etc, and possibly additional footprints and fingerprints remain locally.

would it be possible to consolidate more browser saved traces (eg tabs and cookies) into the Library dialog?

and btw, would there be a way to automatically respond 'no' to every cookie request that comes up when I have the most aggressive privacy settings in my browser? normally I use standard privacy settings but I find it annoying when my privacy is set to aggressive and I still get save cookie popup dialogs.

perhaps in addition to a more comprehensive Library of history dialog, an additional feature idea, toggling privacy settings, could be more convenient? As well as, an indicator of website tracking attempts, eg, if I configured 3 or four privacy profiles, I'd like to see a red/yellow/green light indicating consequence for a given website. I'd like to change privacy profile, and reload the page for some sites; but for others, I would like to simply purge all history, tracking, and move on. Could these operations be configured as buttons on my main browser window?

in this context, by "would like to" I mean that I would automate the workflow if I knew how, but I don't, and I'm reluctant to research because the solution seems so obvious that I would expect it already done, if there wasn't an insurmountable barrier to programming the automation, in which case my question is, what exactly has already prevented this feature? What are the next steps as far as research and/or the barriers to programming the automation solution?

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