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Status: New idea

Hiding the addons is just stupid:

1. One cannot see if addons are working or not;

2. One cannot adjust addons to websites  (script disablers, adblockers etc);

3. It is just dumb.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @MakeItHarder

Thanks for submitting this idea (and feedback). It is now open to the community for votes (kudos) and comments. To keep the conversation as productive as possible, let's remember the Community Guidelines and be respectful when sharing constructive criticism. And please feel free to use this space (the comment section) to add any more details to your idea on how we can improve this feature.



Where are the add-ons hiding?

Two general comments:

Firefox has an "overflow" menu near the right end of the main toolbar, so when new buttons are added, they may end up on that list. You can use Customize to reorganize your buttons so the most important ones are on the visible part of the bar. 

Some add-ons do not have a toolbar button, but instead integrate into a right-click context menu or have a keyboard shortcut. Usually their page on the Add-ons site will have a screenshot or text description of how to call up the add-on's functionality. Sometimes the button will be optional. You can go to the built-in Add-ons page (Ctrl+Shift+A, or on Mac, Command+Shift+A) and click into the Extensions list. Click an add-on's name to call up its Details panel, and check whether it has an Options / Settings / Preferences tab.

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Hiding add ons are not good for some manual operations, video download helper (I want to chose the type that I want to download), adblock (I want to choose some of the irrelevant ads but can not use manually) as like this I also cannot add my favorite add ons to the toolbar. Until this issue is fixed, I am gonna have to use other browser, this is a must for me.

I don't want to use other browsers because this is my favorite one and I want you to fix this issue, please. And for the last two days,  I haven't seen used the add ons properly because I don't think that they are working. Just check video download helper, adblock etc.