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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

As browsers with alternative engines are now allowed on iPhones & iPads due to the DMA in the European Union, I would like to request that a Firefox version with the Gecko engine be developed or released as soon as possible.

See also this feature request (not posted by me) on GitHub:

New member

Yeah this together with tab grouping on iOS so I can finally ditch safari would be awesome!

New member

FF on IOS with add-ons would make it my default browser again

New member

Yes. Though I decided to leave Apple after 40 years completely , because IOS starts to become the most unusable and unintuitive OS  , I know  a.t.m. ,it would be nice to see a working IOS Mozilla browser based on Gecko. Actually Firefox for my ipadpro is more a browser joke , like all other webkit based garbage.