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Status: New idea

Currently searching some letters only finds a result if there if it is a complete word but not substrings. for example "ulltex" does not find "fulltext". Does not need an index - its more important to find the result then to have a wrong result quick.

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Strollin' around

This would really be awesome. Currently I often switch to some other mail client if I have to search something.

For example I searched for an mail with one keyword. I tried everything in Thunderbird and thought it was lost. In found it instantly with apple mail.

New member

Please also note, that quick-filter currently also does not find all occurances: for example an email containing "@myname" (a github notification) is not found when searching for "myname" with quick-filter. Also searching for "@myname" does not find the mail with quick-filter:-(

Strollin' around

As it stands the search function in thunderbird just sucks and leads to frustrations.
Let's say you want to search for the CV of a Dutch person named "Ed Post"

So you start searching for: "CV Ed"
No results
Okay, let's use his full name: "Ed Post"
Now we are getting results, only this time it's mails with the timestamp Posted on at the end, great...

Now this may be an extreme example, but in use I found that the current search in Thunderbird is rather inadequate and it's hard to find something. I often end up messing around with the filter instead.

I also feel like this is something that a lot more people have trouble with than the upvotes may indicate, as a lot of people may not be aware what's happening and just think the search function sucks.