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Status: New idea

Hello everyone.

I would like to suggest that the password manager be improved so that it does not delete saved logins and passwords when using the "forget about this site" function.

Recently, I used this feature to delete data from several sites and accidentally deleted data from one social network, so I lost my only password to it. I was inattentive. It turned out that I will never be able to recover the password to my account - to restore access, I need to have my photo in my profile (because of the scars on my face, I never publish my photos on social networks). Therefore, in my opinion, it would be nice to make settings that would allow you not to delete passwords along with all the other data of a particular site.

Sorry for possible mistakes. I don't know English well so I use a translator.

New member

true, i make that mistake too and now my password gone

New member

After a Windows 10 seizure, I mistakenly "reset" my PC - losing Firefox , and all my Passwords...