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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Short version: Add all the site permissions that appear in the "Page Info" dialog to Firefox 's settings (about:preferences) and add support for setting the global defaults


Long version

The "Page Info" dialog has tons of configurable permissions (including, excitingly, "Override keyboard shortcuts", which I learned about today and which inspired this post):

Site permissions in the "Page Info" dialogSite permissions in the "Page Info" dialog

Many of the site permissions that are accessible via the "Page Info" dialog also appear in about:preferences, in the "Privacy & Security" section:

Site permissions in about:preferencesSite permissions in about:preferences

From there, I am able to manage exceptions and block new requests for the listed permissions. But there are lots of permissions that aren't listed here, and the management options for the ones that are listed are a bit limited. My wish list is as follows:

  • Add all the site permissions listed in the "Permissions" tab of the "Page Info" dialog to about:preferences
  • Add support for setting the global defaults for permissions to the "Permissions" section in about:preferences
  • Bonus: Make "Always Ask" an option for all permissions

Fingers crossed there aren't deeply esoteric technical limitations that would complicate or impede these features...

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