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Making moves
Status: New idea

Favicons won't load.
Sometimes favicons won't load for some sites. After unpinning, repinning, deleting cache, history, they show up (or not)

Add option to add or edit pinned sites when not using them on new tab page but in urlbar dropdown menu.
Could be solved by combining 'Bookmarks Toolbar' folder and pinned sites. This would allow to add pinned sites, even when pinned sites are disabled on the new tab page. As of right now, with new tab page disabled, there is no option to edit or add new pinned sites (if you want to use them in the dropdown menu or urlbar).

Bug: (it's probably not a bug, but someone thought this was a good idea)
Remove 1 row of 6 pinned sites and go straight from 1 row of 8 to 2 rows of 4.
8 pinned sites are standard with 1 row. However, when resizing the window, there is a range of width where it shows only 6. It's before it goes from 1 row of 8 to 2 rows of 4. Why?! If you give me 8 pinned sites as an option, I need to see 8 on every window width.

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