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If you're any sort of sysadmin or webadmin you have to check the certificate on a website several times each day. It's a pretty basic feature. Currently to do this in Firefox (desktop) you go to:

- Click the padlock on address bar

- Click "Connection Secure"

- Click "More information"

- Click "View certificate"

- Once you've read the details, you have to close the certificate tab and the More Info window.

This seems like a lot of needless clicks. Surely the padlock HTTPS/SSL menu could just have "view certificate" right there in the options on the first menu.

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As a workaround this addon was the basis for the cert UI in Firefox. I believe it provides a button that will give you quicker access to the cert info.

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  1. CTRL+i
  2. Click "Security" Logo/Tab
  3. Click "View Certificate"