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Mozilla, why don't you provide us with relevant information when prompting for an update?
I long for times back when the link was displayed

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Update suggestion:

You should be able to see "What's New" before you install the update and not after the browser is updated.

Deberia poder verse "Que hay de nuevo" antes de instalar la actualizacíon y no luego de actualizado el navegador.

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Add "What's New" link in "About Mozilla Xxxx" for update version

In the "About Mozilla Xxxx" dialog boxes (Help >About Xxxx) in Firefox and Thunderbird , there's a link "What's New" so you can review the release notes for the currently installed version - this is useful so don't get rid of it.  However, when a update is available, there's no "What's New" link for it - that would be really useful - it would enable us to review those release notes to determine whether now's the time to install it.


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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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If I opt for "Download" in the update prompt, at some point the browser will refuse to open new working tabs and insist on a browser restart. It is quite disruptive to restart the browser for me even with session restore, especially with pages that forget all of their form content, or as in my case multiple open windows that I have to distribute again across my workspaces after the restart.

Because of that, I want to easily know in advance what impact the update has. If it's a security fix, I'll bite the bullet. If it's just minor bug fixes that don't affect me or new features I don't need right away, I'd like to defer to a more convenient time, like the end of my working day.

Best would be for me if the update were applied only on the next restart of the browser, instead of breaking the running browser instance and forcing a restart eventually.

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Ability to view new version release notes before downloading them

I'd like to be able to see "what's new"/release notes of a new version of TB or FF I'm asked to download before I download it.   Seems like all I can view is the release notes for the version I've already downloaded.   If there's a way to see what's new in an update, I'd like to know that.    Sometimes, after I've downloaded an update, there seems to have been no reason for me to bother.    I see no improvement, what I see in the release notes seems to my low level of tech knowledge to have no effect on my use of FF or TB.

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(Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread)

Making moves

I'd like to see the updates for Firefox & Thunderbird automatically listed (or a link to same) when the software reloads, after an update.



Strollin' around

Question. Does the release notes provided at include only desktop? I.e Win/Mac/Linux? If so, where can i find a similar list for Android/iOS/iPadOS?

Having gotten used to, and started really appreciating how Brave does this with a list i have found myself lost on how to get the same kind of clear and concise information on Firefox updates. Would love to see a redirect to a list that displays for example 3 latest release notes/changelogs. Brave list for example here.


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I agree with John Hawkinson's excellent post. With one extra comment, please add the same info to the Updates option on the Settings page.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Pjjlltt that page acts as a table of contents for all release notes. So if you click on a version, you will be able to access the release notes from that version for 'Android' or 'iOS' or others by clicking that option. Pictured here:

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 12.09.31 PM.png

Hope that helps!

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Through this whole discussion, it strikes me as odd that Thunderbird has the exact feature I'd wish Firefox had too. It is somewhat baffling that it can't be easily implemented since both programs share a common framework afaik.

TB changlog.png

Strollin' around

This is a major frustration.  I want to know what is in the update you are pushing before I place it on my system.  I want to know if this is something I need to deal with right away or is it something that touches on things I am not likely to interact with.

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One More Update Option

When there are Firefox updates available, the only options I get are Download or Dismiss.  Why are these the only options offered?  How about a Definition option that tells users what's in the download? If I don't know what's in the Download, I'm clicking Dismiss every time.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I can search Mozilla for what's in the Download, but have you actually tried it?  It's like going down a rat hole.  Please offer a one-click link to what's in Downloads.  Thanks.

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Providing Better Upgrade Information

This is a long-time grumble and, I would think, easy to fix.

When I get a notification to download an upgrade, there's no information in that notice regarding what sort of upgrade I'm being offered and there's no link to find out "What's new" before I install it. 

Is the upgrade from 110 to 111?  Or from 111.0 to 111.0.1? 

Whether I choose to upgrade "right then" might depend on the "level" of upgrade... from xxx.0 to xxx.0.1 is an easy yes, but, from 110 to 111 I might want to take a look at what's changing before I say yes... I may simply want to wait a few weeks for the bugs to be worked out on a top-level release.

Also.... If I say "no" to the update notice, then go Help --> About, I'm given another chance to upgrade, but, the "What's new" link in that screen is for the revision that's already installed.  Where's the link to find out what's new in the revision I'm being offered, before I install it?

Thanks for making great products... and for indulging this rant. 😉

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Some updates may require considerable time when work is being done on the computer. In some  cases contacting someone to help update the change on a weekend is difficult. If updates are very important to be made soon or they can be delayed to a business day if they are feasible.