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Status: New idea

It's awesome that we finally get a no-cloud translation tool in Firefox!

I personally never translate full pages, but still use google translate from time to time, to get a confirmation of a translation, or definition, or synonyms, on a single word or short sentence.

It would be real cool if I could avoid cloud usage to do this (because of privacy and ecology reasons).

So my Idea would be this: would it be possible to have a specific syntax in the search bar, to use the local translation tool? I'm thinking something along the line of:




translate:en-en what I want to translate




in the same way you can type:








and of course, you'd be able to change the en-EN to fr-FR, or whatever language you're looking for.

And Firefox would return an auto-generated page, with a proposed translation. And, to do google one better, with explanation of the translation process, synonyms, definitions in both languages, etc. (customizable in the add-on options.

I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, since it's an add-on developed by Firefox. Sorry if that isn't the case.

Oh, and another idea that comes to me as I'm writing this (the title could become "additional functionalities for the search bar"): it would also be cool if similarly to google, we could get a calculator integrated in firefox... with something along the line of:








that returned a page with a calculator (or not) and 4.

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