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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

It would be nice if Firefox synced shortcuts so users don't need to readd them each time they sync on a new computer.

New member

Yes! It is a must!

Looking forward to seeing it in the next update.

How difficult could it be?

New member

+1 for this feature

New member

Yeah... everytime you add your Firefox account to a new device, the shorcuts page breaks with on all other connected devices, adding new and unwanted shortcuts (such as Amazon search) or other most visited sites/pages, that you don't want to be there.

A manual sync button is absolutely mandatory!

New member

I totally agree with all the above. Does Firefox look at this stream? I don't see any responses although the same question has been repeated for over a year?

New member

Seems like an obvious and easy to implement feature

New member

i waiting this feature since 2019/2020, and comeback again with firefox to see sync functionality, very dissapointed not yet to be implement, 😥

New member

Here is a work around for those that are somewhat tech-savvy.

1. Manual Synchronization:

Configure shortcuts on one device: Set up your desired homepage shortcuts on one device.

Access "about:config":

Type about:config in the Firefox address bar and press Enter. Accept the warning.

Find "browser.newtabpage.pinned":

Search for the preference named browser.newtabpage.pinned.

Copy the preference value: Right-click on the preference and select "Copy".

Paste into a text file or an email, send this to your other computer and select and copy, then:

Paste on other devices: On your other devices, open about:config, search for browser.newtabpage.pinned, right-click, and choose "Paste".

Restart Firefox: Close and reopen Firefox on the other devices for the changes to take effect.

New member

I came here to make the same petition...

At this point I've got to say that Firefox Shortcuts are amazing and I love them... But I have a computer at home and another in my office and since I took so much time to have all my shortcuts the way I want in the order I want and with the logo I want... It really bothers me to having to do the same again on my office's computer (which is in sync with Firefox Sync)...

Could we at least create a bug to ask like, this isn't working in Firefox Sync?