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Firefox isn't with useful tool, which is tabs suspender, it saves of much hardware consume and doesn't allow your PC stay slowness and/or your own internet, because tabs can consume internet and recourses in background without you use it, so that's important and should be in all popular browsers including Firefox. I recommend they base on auto tab discard and possibly performance tool (by Microsoft Edge), because auto tab discard extension is really complete and very useful, mainly it saves where you stop on certain time video and performance tool saves much your recourses on your computer and is very efficient:

Screenshot 2022-05-13 222228.pngScreenshot 2022-05-13 222122.png


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Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with an exciting update…

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I'd wholeheartedly appreciate this feature. Auto Tab Discard and the like has long been staple extensions on lower-end systems, but even I see significant improvements in responsiveness on a high-end systems as well (i7-12700K / 1 TB SSD / 32 GB DDR5-6000 / 400 Mbps cable).

Microsoft Edge has also released some statistics on how well the feature works: pretty dang well.

Sleeping tabs in latest Insider testing in Microsoft Edge typically increases battery life as a sleeping tab uses 26% less CPU on average compared to a non-sleeping tab. It also reduces memory usage by 16% on average. Your overall savings with sleeping tabs will vary based upon your browser usage and the total numbers of tabs you use. The more tabs you have, the more savings you’ll see. While individual device performance can vary and depends on configuration and usage, Microsoft Edge Insiders have shared that this decrease in resource and battery usage has improved their browsing experience.




I'd like to add a few notes to this idea, if possible:

  1. Allow users to control how long a tab should be idle (e.g., unclicked / unopened) before it's put to sleep. I'm quite aggressive and have set mine to 30 seconds of inactivity.
  2. Fade the colors / text somewhat on the tabs to let us know it is asleep.
  3. Ensure there is "instant" wake-up, e.g., a user shouldn't be able to tell the site is restarting / being woken up, within reason of course.
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To @Jon and whomever it may concern:

  1. Especially under memory stress, serialize to disk and completely remove from memory.
  2. Give a warning on new tab open (or even when tab has been active for a while!) that the machine FF is running on is about to get really ignorant if the user continues what he/she/etc is doing.

Why FF devs believe in the myth and mystery of infinite memory is beyond me, especially when an empty tab takes tens of megabytes...

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  1. this option would be interesting if page scroll state and page navigation history would be preserved upon reopening the page(extensions like OneTab and BetterOnetab(Chrome addon) don't preserve such states.)

Also AutoTab Discard addon is better than any other solution including Edge's (per Edge's performance info that its options only allow for partial saving of PC resources - AD saves both CPU and RAM as nothing? is left of the targeted tab(s) in the background). 

Why the need for a native feature?

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Firefox uses too much CPU time when minimized. I need to create a new tab and then minimize to avoid the high loads because the non active tabs gone to low priority.

I suggest to put all tabs in the window no matter if active to low priority when Firefox window is minimized.

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Community Manager

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Allow user to set tab priority manually with right click over tab

Tab priority is a big problem when we are working with tabs that use some very heavy web applications that need too much CPU loads. The web technologies are very advanced today. The ability of the user set tab priority to match his needs is much necessary to advanced web technology usage today. Firefox as a Open Source independent project should add this advanced features.

Making moves

Why does Mozilla always take up massive memory and CPU when several tabs are open? I also noticed that it keeps non-restored tabs running in the background even if they are not open. It slows the internet down.

A friend of mine is a coder and he told me it's not necessary to have tabs run at full memory and CPU. This issue can easily be fixed, he said. I'm not a coder so don't quote me on this, but if I recall he said you can still allow multiple tabs to be open without necessarily keeping them active. Activate them only when they are brought to the front - or per individual choice.


Familiar face

I completely agree, we all work with lots of tabs open which contributes to the browser using up a lot of resources. Chrome is terrible for this so I started using Firefox and discovered the Sideberry add-on which groups tabs (though not as elegantly as Chrome) and lets you unload tabs which essentially means tabs are just kept in waiting.


So far it's worked well, but to keep Firefox up to date and to manage us all working more and more out of browsers, it could offer the ability to put tabs to sleep when unused for an hour.

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Hi team,

i would like to give you an idea to improve firefox performance. Before that, I just want to say that Firefox is a great browser. it is fast, user friendly and convenient to use. however, as long as i use firefox, i see firefox consuming very much memory when i open many tabs. maybe you can add the tab snooze feature to firefox with some advanced settings like after how long the tab will be snooze. and I hope it can be customized(how long the tab will be snooze)