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Status: New idea

Could you add Ecosia as a search engine option?

Firefox might suggest search engines on first startup

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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I would like for the developers to add Ecosia search engine as one of the options for search engines on the android application. It's a good search engine and supports the environment.

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I would also like this. It wouldn't be much work. Ecosia is a useful, eco-friendly search engine. Adding it as an option would help people notice it, and make it easier to switch from Google.

And this is very small and petty of me, but I hate the default search-engine-picture on the left when I search with Ecosia on Android. Idk what it's called, but it's soo ugly and it bugs me.

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Add Ecosia to the default search engine list.  Help Firefox save the planet by planting trees with every search.  Ecosia is a certified B corporation!♥️

You're the best Mozilla!

Strollin' around

Google Chrome has had Ecosia as a default option since Chrome 81 (March 2020), this would also be a good addition as Ecosia is not only more private than Google but they also donate to plant trees. This should also be added to the mobile versions of Firefox/Firefox Focus.

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+1 I would go as far as making it the default search engine with Firefox. The company is more environmentally friendly, collects loads less data and seems less corrupt (tax payment for example). Would be a good stance for Mozilla in general to back Ecosia (Firefox > Chrome & Ecosia > Google Search)

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Yes please add this search engine in the fault list.

Thanks in advance.

Strollin' around

Default search engine: Ecosia

I would like to recommend as a default search engine. They are privacy focused like duckduckgo, use results from Bing and now Google, and they use ad revenue they generate to plant trees which they have planted millions so far. I really feel they would mesh well with Firefox's  identity which is being Privacy Focused and trying to make the internet a better place

Strollin' around

I'm glad to know I am not the only one who was advocating for this! Would love to see it!