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New member
Status: New idea

It would be great if you could make a Two Factor Authenticator QR Code app either built into Firefox which can sync to my Firefox account or an iOS/Android app. I use 2FA alot and I need someone I can trust, like Mozilla and Firefox. Thanks, keep up the good work :0

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Community Manager
Community Manager

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Thanks @Wallakh  for the suggestion and kind words! We are tracking this request in Bug 1761385

Making moves

100% agree with this request, especially because most password managers have this, and it will become a standard.

Making moves

I would love this. I've been using andOTP as my 2FA for the past couple years, and it's been good, but it's now unmaintained. An official Firefox 2FA app would be stellar; and if it can be used in desktop Firefox, that'd be nice too.

New member

I only use Mozilla/Firefox and our IT has been attempting to force CHROME on me especially for one particular software. They are now instituting Two-factor authentication through Google and the only way to use it for this particular software is through Chrome. Which is awful.  Can you please put some sort of two factor use up and contact Jenzabar/Sonis about using Mozilla/Firefox?