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Status: New idea

This is a proposal for a feature to input or apply my Firefox settings through a notepad in my idea.

Currently, it requires manual editing like this: after entering

"about:config" in the address bar, clicking
"toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets," and then enabling it by setting it to
"true." Furthermore, since Firefox settings are not synchronized,

it's a hassle to modify them every time I reinstall the browser.

Therefore, my idea is as follows:

turn on Windows Notepad or Ubuntu (gpedit for Linux) and copy the settings from the menu that I have previously saved.

Then paste them into Firefox's advanced settings.


When the contents of the notepad, such as the above, are copied and pasted into the blank space and the "copy" button is clicked, the settings of the entire Firefox are changed to the user's desired settings.

Also, there is a save button next to it, allowing the user to save the entire configuration as a file.txt or file.scv format and easily modify it.

This setting has a function for hacking virus protection purposes. (Is it Google's robot?) To activate this feature, the following malicious code prevention function must pass.

If there are more than 200 personal settings in the notepad in text form, and the user drags and copies it or drags the notepad to the corresponding settings, it will be changed to the user's desired interface settings.

In addition, it has a built-in AI that automatically corrects typos made by the user and modifies them to match the current version of Firefox.

The sentence for writing the setting is as follows:

At the top of the document, write


Underneath that, write in the following format:

The "#" sign indicates the option selection for the corresponding setting. I came up with it arbitrarily.

Also, the next setting is determined by the enter key, which means a line break.

In this way, by saving the entire configuration to a notepad and copying and restoring it, it would be more convenient to use Firefox on a new system.

You wouldn't have to manually modify each one by opening "about:config" and using the mouse, nor would you have to deal with difficult things like XML.

Whether using Ubuntu or Windows, if the user has only a notepad and clicks on the settings, it can be changed anytime.

Furthermore, the settings saved in the notepad only change the relevant settings and do not replace all settings.

Only specific settings that the user writes in the notepad will be changed.

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