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Making moves
Status: New idea

Firefox Lockwise or how the integrated password-manager is called, it pretty good.

The syncing is centralized, but encrypted, so no problem here. I prefer Syncthing and Keepass, but while KeepassDX works perfectly on Android, KeepassXC doesnt work at all at the moment, so I use it.

While there is an option (which should be opt-out, not opt-in!) to encrypt the passwords locally using master passwords on Desktop, there just isn't one on Mobile! This is horrible, as anyone having access to your phone could also read your passwords.

Also, phones have fingerprint sensors very often. KeepassDX has a pretty good implementation for "modern unlocking", where the fingerprint unlocks the password and decrypts the vault.

This absolutely has to be integrated into Mobile, along with a general Fingerprint-unlock. I mean, its a privacy browser, and there are different factors of privacy. People having access to your browsing history and passwords, is one of the threats some people fear.

Thank you for this browser, its the only good non-Chromium one we have.

New member

"At least have an option to require primary password before using password auto-fill (or viewing passwords)"

Expect a security-concious web browser to be all over this.

Making moves

this also got a lot of kudos.

The passwords are now protected via fingerprint, but the bookmarks and a lot more are not. This does not replace a masterpassword or App lock via system credentials

New member

@xUxSxExRthe passwords are only protected when trying to view from option and when used in 3rd party apps. They are fully usable without any secure request when using auto fill in Firefox or any other app using embedded default browser (Firefox)