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Making moves
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I frequently DL 5-100 files all at once.  I really don't need to click [OK] on 100 separate dialog boxes.  Also, if I don't take the step of DLing just one first, in order to pre-set the save location, I have to change each one individually, or attempt to [esc] out of all of them, or save them one-by-one to the selected folder, then move them later. 

There's no way for me to tell when all of the dialog boxes have 'loaded'.  There's no counter, there's no message telling me it's ok to start hitting [Enter] repeatedly for the next 5 minutes.  Often, when I attempt to start hitting [Enter] (or even [Esc]), if not all of the DL dialog boxes are open, all of a sudden, it locks up on me and I get a loud {Beep}.  I can't find which of the many many dialog box windows is yelling at me.  Everything is locked.  I can't even cleanly shut down FF, I have to use the Force Quit on my Mac to kill the program, then start over.

I am aware that I can uncheck the 'Always ask you where to save files' checkbox, so that they always save in on place, but that's not the desired behavior. 

Here's how to fix it (assuming the above mentioned box is checked):

If I'm DLing one file, ask me where I want to put it.  Done.

If I'm DLing more than one file, bring up a dialog box asking me where I want to put the files.  Include a sticky checkbox which asks, 'Put all files in this DL session into the same folder.'  If that box is checked, DL all files to that selected folder using the FF DL manager.  No need for any additional dialog boxes.  Just do the work on the back end the way that I knowFF can.

If the user doesn't check that box, then ask for every single file the way you do now. 

Solved.  Please fix this.


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