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Making moves
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Give about:config to Firefox for Android and let us customize it the same way we can customize the desktop browser. That... high level of customization was the only reason I started using Firefox back in 2006 and why I still prefer Firefox for the desktop to any other browser.

I stopped using FF for Android 2 years ago because many pages simply won't load and hang in the middle of loading whereas the same pages open just fine and fast using Opera for Android. Since I was unable to send you feedback about that, I stopped using it. But now with Mozilla Connect I can share my ideas and hopefully bring FF for Android to the same glory its desktop cousin already has.

When I disabled IPv6 on the desktop Firefox last week, many of the pages suddenly started loading instantly bc my ISP, among many others in my country, still supports IPv4 only. So I'm 90% sure that if I can do the same with FF for Android, that will change its performance for the better. But it turned out that the mobile FF didn't have about:config.

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I previously used about:config on Android for years, and was angry to find it had been removed when I needed to set up a new phone. User control and configurability is why I've used Firefox since the Firebird era. I don't like using Nightly for my daily driver, but Stable is effectively unusable to me until this is fixed. Frustrating.

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This feature needs to come back, sooner rather then later...

Making moves

about:config Firefox Android

Add about:config to the stable version of Firefox on mobile.

This would be useful for if you want to enable hidden or some experiment settings, but you want to use the stable version of Firefox.  Sometimes, there are a couple of settings which I would like to change but not have to use a less stable version of Firefox.

Making moves

I posted this a year ago, received many votes, which means I'm not the only one who agrees/needs this feature and guess what - still no "about:config" in the Android Firefox. By the time they decide to add it, Skynet (ChatGPT) would have destroyed us all.

Looks like Mozilla Connect is just about as useful as Microsoft and Nokia support...

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Hey there, fellow Firefox users! I have a bone to pick with the release channel of Firefox for Android. Why oh why isn't the about:config feature available? As an advanced user, this feature is super necessary for me to customize Firefox to my liking and protect my privacy. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way.

Sure, there are other versions of Firefox and forks that support about:config, but most people stick with the release version for its stability. We don't want to risk using other versions or forks that may have weird experiences or security issues. And let's face it, not having about:config is a big barrier to Firefox users who want to customize their browser.

Plus, not having this feature means we can't turn off some of Mozilla's telemetry ping and data sharing with third-party companies. This is a huge privacy concern for those of us who care about our online safety.

It's frustrating that Firefox for Desktop and Beta/Nightly versions of Firefox for Android have this feature, but not the release channel of Firefox for Android. We need this feature to make Firefox for Android stand out among other popular browsers.

So, I'm kindly requesting that Firefox developers turn on about:config for the release channel of Firefox for Android. As someone who has been a fan of Firefox for almost 15 years, I don't want to see Firefox lose its loyal user base.

Hey, let's make Firefox great again!

Making moves

and it been here about-config-missing  for almost 3 years and nothing happen 😢