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Status: New idea

I don't think I'm the only one who has this need, i think all tablet users - or at least most - prefer to use Firefox in desktop mode, because many web pages viewed in desktop mode are more complete and better formatted. 

Due to the spread of tablets, however, in multiple platforms, it also seems unlikely to me to be the first to present this idea . . .

So I wonder why even today Firefox for android does not allow the possibility to permanently set the desktop mode via switch.  

In order not to be misunderstood, I am aware of the existence of the "Desktop site" button and its use. Unlike the functioning of this slider, I would like that in the settings of Firefox for android there was - for specific use on tablets - an option that changes the user agent from mobile to desktop, until revoked.

I'm not thinking of a plugin that would still be highly appreciated, but of an integrated feature in Firefox.

Is it possible to consider this implementation?

Strollin' around

Adding another voice to this; Firefox for Android has been severely neglected in terms of proper tablet support, when even Google is making some efforts to make Android tablets and foldables more user-friendly for their screen sizes. However, because Firefox declares itself a mobile browser, much of that goes to waste; Google Search, for example, is incredibly frustrating on the mobile version, hiding certain search tools, showing fewer results that are grouped together, and ignoring or just not having settings which have been around for over a decade and are even synced via one's Google account (i.e., opening search results in a new tab).

If it weren't for the lack of extension support, and upcoming anti-adblock changes Google is pushing in Chrome, I would still be using Chrome (or at least a Chromium derivative) as my daily driver across all my devices, because this lack of a critical feature really is just that aggravating when using Firefox on any tablet I own.

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