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Status: New idea

I don't think I'm the only one who has this need, i think all tablet users - or at least most - prefer to use Firefox in desktop mode, because many web pages viewed in desktop mode are more complete and better formatted. 

Due to the spread of tablets, however, in multiple platforms, it also seems unlikely to me to be the first to present this idea . . .

So I wonder why even today Firefox for android does not allow the possibility to permanently set the desktop mode via switch.  

In order not to be misunderstood, I am aware of the existence of the "Desktop site" button and its use. Unlike the functioning of this slider, I would like that in the settings of Firefox for android there was - for specific use on tablets - an option that changes the user agent from mobile to desktop, until revoked.

I'm not thinking of a plugin that would still be highly appreciated, but of an integrated feature in Firefox.

Is it possible to consider this implementation?

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yes yes switching it on with every new tab sucks and it don't fully change i still see the m in address bar

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Firefox is useless on high-end android devices because of this mobile nonsense.

I plug my phone into usb-c dock, and use it with 4k monitor + keyboard + mouse = same as using a desktop pc. But firefox always defaults to useless mobile mode!

The only solution is to not use firefox until this gets fixed.

Even more annoying - there was an extension in the past to force desktop mode on - but this is gone now.

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One more vote for this feature. I can tolerate some mobile sites and site-based apps on a phone screen, but there is no reason to be forced into it on a 10" screen. 

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permanent Desktop Website view

If it posible to make a permanent Desktop Website view Switch on Fennec Browser ?!

Every Time on Start or load a new Site you must take the switch on for Desktop Website view !

Other Browsers have this feature already inside ....

Strollin' around

I just need a button - once on, work for all pages, forever! @(o・ェ・)@@

I hate switching it on everytime when visiting a new page.

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I dont think this is a question wroth to discuss,people will swith to chrome if this not fixed

Making moves

Year by year, with my disappointment, I switch to Microsoft Edge. As it has desktop site mode feature and ad-blocker support.

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Give us permanent desktop view in Firefox