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Status: New idea

This is prompted by the long-press link popup menu lacking "Send to device" option.

When I have a page open, and click the 3-dots to get a popup menu, it has a sharing icon 3-circles. This then brings up a lot of options to choose from, with SEND TO DEVICE at the top.


If I long-press on a link, a menu pops up that includes the item "Share link".  This brings up a different looking lot of options (many the same as the other lot), but doesn't include Send to Device'.


share menu.png

It is not possible to send a link to Firefox on another device i.e. desktop, without first opening the page, and then the page can be sent to the other device.

This idea is that there should be just one share menu for both of the above sharing scenarios, and that menu should include Send to Device.

Status changed to: New idea
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What if, instead, it was possible to manually set shortcuts and trigger for the options meny.

As a Coreelec user with a diy HTPC (no cast) I send a lot of URLs via long press trigger. Every time I do I need to swipe to the end of the send options list to choose yatse, to send the URLs to. This accumulates to one log press, Eight swipes and one push.