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so my idea was simple. There should be filter on time. We work on "shifts" in our company and this means two people select emails on even and odd. So for example I'm EVEN person and my co-worker is ODD, 4 emails come in time for example: 1 - 12:00 , 2 - 12:01 , 3 - 12:04 , 4 - 12:05. This means my emails are 1 and 3 and my co-worker solves 2 and 4. So we make 2 folders. Folder EVEN and folder ODD and when e-mail comes at 12:00 it jump into folder EVEN and when e-mail comes at 12:01 it jumps into folder ODD because of this filter.

Hope my explanation is simple and you understand.

Thank you

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