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Status: New idea

My suggestion would be to have a posibillity to edit JS files of debugger in vs code, webstorm, phpstorm or any other IDE and not have to only rely with browser devtools without any auto completion...

It is very frustrating. In my case I don't have and can't have any code locally as it is in database.


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Hi xNaii, thank you for reaching out!

I am unsure whether I understand the idea. Is it about possibility to connect external IDEs (VSCode, WebStorm, etc.) to Firefox and edit JavaScript files loaded by the current page?

Note that Firefox DevTools (e.g. the Debugger) can't be used to edit JS files atm

If you can't edit the original files loaded by the page - e.g. because you don't have access to the server hosting the files, or (as you say) the source files are not easily accessible, you might want to setup a HTTP proxy and replace HTTP responses. 

For example, there is Charles WebDebugging Proxy ( allowing users to view and modify HTTP responses. Using this setup you could intercept HTTP traffic, modify JS files and force the page to load your version.

Is that what you are thinking about?

Perhaps we could simplify the entire scenario somehow directly in Firefox DevTools?