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Status: New idea

I so love TBird. Best email program on the planet.

I run it in Windows, Mac, and Linux worlds.

And I love message filters.

The one deficiency in that functionality: the ability to export and import a set of message rules to/from a data file.

Lotsa folks have wanted this for a long time. I understand, though, the low level of programmer staffing on this vital project, and the many priorities already chewing up their time.

My own time is also deeply chewed up  for the next year by lots of stuff, in and out of the progging world. But: if nobody else does this little goodness before then, I'll take it on myself. Been playing with code for 4+ decades, including a long Microsoft stint, and writing books that teach other folks how to code, so this'll be quite doable, though somehow I'm imagining the code base might be a bit twisted in this area, since it hasn't happened yet.

Anyways: just wanted to get this on the ideas list.

-- stanley krute

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Familiar face

The details of filters are stored on a per-account basis in a plain text file named filterrules.dat with the account mail.

The process of moving or backing them up is as simple as making a copy of the file.  It is with the import that issues may arise.  With imported filters moving mail to a non existent folder in the new account structure etc.  

There is also no date stamp to determine which "filter" is oldest in the file so merging same named filers would be problematical.  I do not know how Thunderbird would react to you appending a same name filter that does something else on the end of the file.  Perhaps ignore it,  perhaps run it but not show it in the list or show it in the list.  I really do not know.