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Status: New idea

You make a big pitch that you need our donations, and yet I can't setup icloud to send an email the way I can with m y Gmail account. That makes no logical sense at all. I can write a message to and that works fine, only i can't set up the account for it in thunderbird. It makes no sense to ask for money so you can innovate and be in existence, then take away any reason for using thunderbird in the first place.

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Making moves

@BerilacduLac, this is a no brainer. Please stand in the back of the line up of people waiting for the same thing.

Mozilla does not have the kind of resource needed to finance server farms for free email service without advertising income, unless you know another way.

Familiar face

I suggest you ask for support in the support forum.  Folk have been adding icloud mail accounts to thunderbird for more than 10 years that I know of.

Making moves

I was able to set up iCloud account in Thunderbird few months ago just fine. What's the issue you've encountered? Did you follow Apple's guide?