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Status: New idea

Clear Downloads currently also clears out all failed downloads along with completed ones, making it difficult to tell if you are missing files. Adding an option to only clear successful or cancelled downloads would make it clearer when downloading multiple files if any did not complete and need to be retried.

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I absolutely agree. My work requires me to deal with both large files and numerous small files. Sometimes the larger files fail and if I accidentally clear it when I remove the smaller ones, either because its in the middle of the smaller files or because I need to shrink the length of the download list, I have to start over wasting a lot of time. It seems like it should be a simple fix, so make it happen. Would love it.

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Excellent! I am having problems clearing downloads, I always have to press the right button and end up pausing some.

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Yes, this!

This is one of the most important features to not to remove failed downloads.

The icon for failed download is similar to a successful download, so its hard to find what hasn't downloaded if you download a bulk and don't check the result, you just trust the source and FF.

Making moves

I would love to see this but I won't get my hopes high - many critical no brainers trivial to implement never see the light of day.

In the meantime I suppose probably easiest is to rename the filesystem base(s) of your downloads so all the downloaded symbols disappear (due to missing files) and you can then just see the failed symbols, which may mean scanning down by holding the arrow down so it refreshes them, then rename the filesystem base(s) back.