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New member
Status: New idea

I now receive multiple junk/spam emails which are dated in the future. This is presumably so the emails appear at the end of my inbox.

It would be good to have an enhancement to the Thunderbird, Message Filters, Date rule, by adding a conditional, like isAfterTodayBy n hours, days, or weeks. Or something similar that references the date the Date rule is executed.

I like and always use Thunderbird personally. Keep up the good work.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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New member

Even better would be if Thunderbird automatically detects that as junk without having each user have to set this filter individually.

But yeah, variables like that would be super helpful. I too just wanted to get rid of future-date spam mails.

New member

I get dozens of these in my accounts.  They are always future years, so I set up a filter to mark and move next year and beyond and then forgot about it, so the start of this year all my mail was going to spam.

Yes, either detect future mail as junk or have a filter term like "Today" and allow me to add "+30" (or how ever into the future I wish to start) as a filter item.