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Status: New idea

Originally posted on the previous site and expanded*

As of Firefox Nightly 101.0a1 right-clicking in the address bar does absolutely nothing, I find this a waste.

Search results in the address bar could greatly benefit from a tailored series of right-click context menus. The current process to edit specific bookmarks/history entries requires users to open the Library to do so, which is an entirely different window requiring multiple clicks and extra typing. This is tedious and inefficient.

Users can already filter address bar search results using the Bookmarks (*), Tabs (%), and History (^) Search Shortcuts but can't actually do anything with them besides open them. Adding additional options to those search results via expandable context menus, directly within the address bar, would allow users to delete/edit/rename them in a more convenient manner.

For example, if I don't want to open the Library to find and delete a specific bookmark, the only alternative is to visit the bookmarked website where I'll then find the star-shaped blue icon (which contains a menu with the option to delete it the bookmark). Opening the website is a waste of data. If I could delete/edit the bookmark directly in the address bar, I'd be saving both time and data.

Below is a concept image displaying a right-click context menu in the address bar showcasing a list of additional options:

Firefox Address Bar Context Menu ConceptFirefox Address Bar Context Menu Concept

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Commenting regarding firefox mobile for android.

I would really love this previously working feature to be reimplemented back.

Since migrating from fennec to fenix, the address bar keyword search function has been flaky. The previous usage pattern of:

1. type key word into address bar

2. scroll results

3. tap-and-hold get context menu

4. delete bookmark

is non-existent anymore since fenix. It is a GREAT usability PAIN since the migration.

Managing bookmarks on mobile is difficult, especially when i have 300+. That tap-and-hold context menu from aearch results is very important.

Firefox product manager, you don't expect me to scroll through 300+ bookmarks through japanese, korean, and chinese bookmarks without keyword searching and tap-and-hold context menu editing, do you?