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Strollin' around
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When i click on the box to the right of the url bar (the box that displays the number of open tabs) and select the synced devices option it shows all devices and tabs under each device name in a expanded view, having many Firefox versions across many devices this view makes it a real finger exercise, and slow, trying to find a specific device name and then the tab that you are looking for beneath that device. This is default behavior on Android Firefox 105.1.0, Beta 105.0b6, Nightly 107.0a1 as of today at least. Same goes for Firefox 105 on IOS and iPadOS.

On Android Nightly (And IOS 105) there is a arrow that a user can press to collapse the view to only show the names of synced devices. But doing so it will not remember this view setting so the next time i visit the same page all devices and synced pages are expanded once again. This whole process makes it quite annoying as a user with multiple Firefox installs/versions on several devices. (But seeing as this is only available in Nightly and IOS maybe it is still WIP?) `.

Tl;dr: If i set my view preference as shown in attached screenshot, i want Firefox to remember that. The collapsed view makes it in my opinion a lot easier and faster to continue with whatever tab i have open on another device. And to be clear i´m not proposing that collapsed should be the default, rather that Firefox should at least respect the view i have set on a per device basis. 




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