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Status: New idea

Idea: Add DNS-over-HTTPS support for the Android version of Firefox

Reasoning: Google Chrome for Android already supports this, as does the Windows, MacOS, and GNU/Linux version of Firefox. This can be used to make the mobile browsing experience more private/secure.

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For those saying that you can do this Android-wide:

1) Windows version of Firefox supports this feature despite one being able to do it Windows-wide

2) There are instances where using custom DNS for the whole system isn't helpful, like when one has low cell signal.

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Please is very important and totally different from the one from android settings

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  • Please add this option since most sites are blocked in my country i can use DOH to bypass the restriction. 
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I really want this feature! 👍

A lot of people use their mobile devices to browse the net and they currently can't be secured against malicious DNS servers . There really should be also option to make it possible to fallback on default DNS if encrypted DNS doesn't work (there also should be something similar to Max Protection setting from desktop Firefox that disallows this behavior). I would like to setup secure DNS for my parents but I know that it would be a bad idea, if there isn't any way to make it fallback to default DNS (they already use the Increased Protection setting on their desktop computers).


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Add DOH to Firefox android

Firefox Android lacks DNS-over-https feature, which is not good for privacy protection, why don't you add this feature?

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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@JonWhen will this feature be developed