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Status: New idea

Opening search results on Firefox for Android automatically creates history groups.

Users on different Mozilla communities would like to have an option to disable this behavior and see their full browsing history in chronological order.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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New member

Yes would love for this to be an option.

New member

Take my thumbs up, want this desperately. Browsing history should be consistent between pc and mobile.

New member

 to confirm, is this what this post is talking about in the history section?  see my screenshot. If it is I agree that drives me crazy trying to find a site I just visited



New member

This should have been configurable since firefox 97 according to this thread, but it has not.

New member

Please make it possible to disable this annoying feature!

> (...) see their full browsing history in chronological order.
It would be great, if the date and time of the last visit were also displayed.

Strollin' around

I don't like grouping history too.

I'm tracking my productivity and want to check my history when I started un-productive web surfing. I need to see the webpage title and time visited to differentiate my productive and unproductive activities, and then pinpoint when I started wasting my time.

Please add an option to disable this grouping.

New member

TLDR, we would like:

  • back button to return to history, preserving location,
  • long-press to get to a new tab.
  • date/time on history item

When using the history feature, most of the time I am looking for something but I have done a bunch of looking for that thing and so my history is kind of polluted with false results.

If I'm trying to go through those false results, I need to open more than one. The history search feature, though, doesn't persist beyond a single click, and does not have the opening new tab function. So, if I am to go through those results, I have to keep redoing the same history search.