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Status: New idea

I created an image to show what I mean by the suggestion.

In addition, I would like to keep the extensions at the address bar even if I already disabled them.

Making moves

By the way,

it's kind of sad to see how underrated this topic is @M4rQu1Nh0S 

Was my title too long that it didn't catch attention? At least your photoshopped picture is getting more trending/traffic right now.

Let's hope this will be integrated as a feature because it's so logical and so intuitive.


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on/off menu for extension

Hello Dev team!

Could you just add the "turn off" / "turn on" menu option for extensions?

You have a "manage" menu, "remove", "report" and many others.. But usually I dont want to manage I just want to solve the issue quicker.

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Block addons in the toolbar

Block addons in the toolbar and then enable or disable them.


Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)