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Status: New idea

I would like an option where I can configure download folders according to file types. Something like all images go to the Pictures (or a predefined) folder, Music/Audio go to somewhere else, PDF and other documents go to a documents folder and the rest goes to a default folder (like Downloads) Now, if I do not pay attention (silly me), everything automatically goes to 'Downloads' or the last folder I picked. I know I can choose it with the "always ask..." option, but I would find something like this much handier. Now I click OK and wonder where my PDF file has gone.

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This is pretty close

but it has some restrictions about the folder struction which is  currently built-in ... but maybe these change in the future.

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yeah, that's exactly what i'm searching fro.

I use FF in my office - get invoices as PDF and i need them all in an own directory for tax reasons.

All other files i need in an ordinary download folder.