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Status: New idea

In Firefox it is now possible to delete a download from the download overview, and also the downloads window.  This is a great feature, I used today for the first time.  It saves you the time and effort to do so in the Explorer.

I have one remark.  Today I started to download a file, but I saw that the version of this file was the same as I already had, so I cancelled the download halfway.  I used the new option to delete the file.  I clicked it, but it seemed like nothing had happened.  I didn't get any response from the UI.  No "Are you sure you want to delete this file?" question, nor was the download greyed out, nor had it disappeared.  I checked in the Explorer if the file was still present, but it was deleted already.

What I would like to propose, is that when a file has been deleted, please grey out the download.  So you can easily start over again if you want to, but it is also visible to the user that the download has been deleted.  At least do this in case the new Firefox option is used.  But it would be even more fantastic if the download is also greyed out when I remove it myself by using Explorer.

Thank you kindly in advance.


> What I would like to propose, is that when a file has been deleted, please grey out the download.

Not immediately, but some time later, the text "File moved or missing" appears below the download title. I'm not sure whether there is a way to make this appear more quickly, but that would be convenient since Firefox knows exactly what it is doing (and has some way to check whether it worked).

New member

This is not great UX, IMO. I accidentally deleted a file by mistake, while clearing a window full of downloads. No UI confirmation or feedback provided, it was a large file that took a while to download, so not great... not sure firefox should be deleting files in the first place, but that's another subject, I'm sure there was some research.

Another remark is the 'show all downloads' pop-up panel, looks like a window, but it doesn't have window controls, i.e. there's no close button, -- although the cross of the first download listed will be very closely positioned to where a close button would be.