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Status: New idea

Being able to customize the toolbar in the desktop version is a great feature, we should be able to do the same in the Android version. For instance, I would like to remove the home button, which I never use, and add the refresh button, which I use all the time. Yes, there's limited room, but it should be up to us to decide.

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Familiar face

This is (in theory) an easy option that would improve user experience a lot. The Home Button seems very redundant when tapping on the Address Bar brings up the home screen anyway.

Strollin' around

'uBlock Origin' on toolbar would be awesome. Having quick access to uBlock Origin would make it easier to manage my browsing experience. Currently it takes 3 clicks/taps to open uBO window and it opens in a separate custom tab. mock-up uBO on toolbar.jpg

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OMG yes. It's also an accessibility issue.

As an older person whose vision isn't as good as 20something UX designers having a in-your face button that lets me quickly change font size is the reason Samsung Internet is my default browser. (I know I can change the font with a couple taps in Firefox but I find I use this button on Samsung Internet on every web page so it's a killer feature to me.)

Screenshot_20230212-095752_Samsung Internet.pngScreenshot_20230212-095809_Samsung Internet.jpg

Better yet is how Google Messages resizes and reflows text as you pinch.

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This would be such a great addition! Please incorporate!