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Making moves
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It would be great if there was a way to customize hotkeys.
Here's how I see it:
 * Have a about:hotkeys panel, with all actions listed, and already mapped shortcuts shown.
 * Whether these should be modifiable or not is up to the dev community, ideally they'd be.
 * When clicking on a hotkey field, ideally, there would be a capturing hotkey feature, or, before this, an AHK like syntax to define hotkeys (not as complex, something like: CTRL+H means this and MAJ+ALT+END means that...)

 * a restore to default button.
 * Done.

It can't be done with an extension because some function can't be accessed by extensions (I'm actually looking for a way to send tab to other device while browsing with TST.). Anyway, I believe this should boost productivity in a number of ways. You guys are devs, you know keyboards are faster than mice. 😛


edit: Corrected the typos, it's been bugging me for months now😅

Making moves

The reason this isn't completed is that, key binding have accumulated over time and they're bound deep inside the code.  Each key binding include deep code study and the new place where all the key bindings will be configured from needs to be done right, with proper input meditation that takes into account tulons of accessibility concerns.


This is a major software design engineering challenge and Firefox being a public project will be the gold standard of doing key binding accessibility in the future for all open source in the future.

Or is way more than keyboard and mouse bindings, it includes people interacting with their browser with those little tongue joysticks, with for pedals, with eye gaze cursor and soon, with direct neutral implants and through language models.

So expect this to take another year and a half minimum. We're lucky if we get dev feedback at all on this one, it's just so big.

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how to use, codespace, and so on with firefox?!

please disable ctrl + shift + p

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It is absolutely painful that you can't customize hotkeys, I am way to used to a certain set of shortcuts and it's extremely painful to change them. It makes transitioning to firefox from any other browser a pain; and before someone says just get used to it or you will get used to it, no I won't and I refuse, I wanna use the same shorcuts I used all my life, at this point they are ingrained into my muscle memory.

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how hard could it even be to allow users to customize keyboard shortcuts

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not all hot key, I just need  cmd + shift + p,for my vscode,firefox is the last free browser, I do not wanna leave it.

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Maybe i could retire my autohotkey script once end for all

Making moves

It is embarrassing that in 2023 a major browser like Firefox does not have the basic functionality to remap keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys. This should at least be possible through an extension if not built-in to the config options.

As someone who would like to fully transition away from Chrome for a long list of reasons, things like CTRL+SHIFT+N not doing what years of muscle memory expect will ultimately stop me from staying with Firefox.

Making moves


I' ve been following this thread for quite a while.

It is obvious that because of how keyboard shortcuts are tied into the code, probably in an ad-hoc manner, centralizing all keyboard shortcut mapping is a huge and very unsexy task.

I think one way to move this forward is an accessibility feature. Surely less abled people rely on keyboard shortcut for mapping into special assist devices and the ability to remap functions keys would help them.

This would have a "curb cut"  effect of usability for everyone else


I imagine that being an accessibility matter will matter to the inclusivity people inside the firefox organisation and this will allow resources to be allocated to this large and important project.

This is a job for actual professional programmers and too much to ask of volunteers programmers. There are budget available to fund accessibility issues such as this one, I think this is the way forward.

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Is it possible to enable keyboard shortcuts for any thunderbird command ? I mean if a menu item has no keyboard shortcut, it would be great to have the possibility of creating one for this item.

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Community Manager

@VJM heads up, this thread is for Firefox - check out this link for the thread for customizable keyboard shortcuts in Thunderbird: Customizable keyboard shortcuts for Thunderbird 

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I created a Mozilla account just to comment on this. I was searching if this was an option after coming from a certain browser that has this feature natively, and I found this request.

Please Mozilla, I don't want to use chromium, but having to install an extension just for customizing my browser controls is annoying and potentially a security risk.

I doubt this would be that much work to implement and it would be such a dealbreaker for all desktop users!

Strollin' around

Make sure keyboard shortcuts are universally usable or allow customization

I wanted to use the Picture in Picture keyboard shortcut which is Ctrl+Shift+] but with my french keyboard it doesn't work because the ] key is an AltGr key.

Maybe you should restrain shortcuts to alphanumeric characters to make sure they are usable on every keyboard layout.

Or alternatively you could allow to customize shortcuts the same way it's already done for extensions.

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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[Ctrl] [Shift] Q - Causes me a lot of headaches. I use this hotkey in add-ons and can't over-ride Firefox built in hotkeys... Please allow us to either change or disable built-in hotkeys.

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Really need the ability to customize hotkeys in Firefox. Especially since it does not respect the overrides I have defined in Mac OS > System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts.