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Status: New idea

many of the iOS apps I use allow users to choose between custom app icons, usually to change the color to match a look we’re trying to achieve. I would love it if Firefox gave us a few different app icon options, since it takes a prominent place on my phone’s home screen (and likely for many other users, too). 

Even just option of choosing from the default, the logo with a white background, and the logo with a pure black background would be great.  

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New member

I also would very much like this option. All of my iOS apps have a brighter icon especially on my dock and the Firefox one just doesn’t look right. Would love it if the background was a brighter shade or color. 

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Having just moved from Chrome back to Firefox after probably 10+ years, I’m really happy with it but the app icon is frustrating. It would be nice to have multiple options but even just a lighter version and a darker version would be great. 

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I have been waiting for this for years! All other icons have a light background, and the black background makes FF… hum… ugly, sorry

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please!!! I want not purple icon..

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Yeah please, custumizable icon. Also find the black background rather ugly.