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Status: New idea

As again i'm frustrated by accidentally closing pinned tables and lost them, because their window was not the last closed one, i'm asking to add pin tables history feature as one of:

 1. Copy paste history feature with change: Instead of on open page add history row on pin page.

2. On pinning page add a 'pinned' tag to its history record.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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That sounds useful.

Meanwhile, if you discover that a window was closed accidentally/prematurely, you should, as soon as possible, check whether you can reopen it through one of these methods:

  • "3-bar" menu button > History > Recently Closed Windows
  • "Library" toolbar button > History > Recently Closed Windows
  • (menu bar) History > Recently Closed Windows
  • Ctrl+Shift+N (on Mac, Command+Shift+N)


New member

When a new Firefox window is opened (eg by dragging a single tab to another screen), it must be closed first to avoid losing current and pinned tabs.  All the tabs for the original window (instance?) are forgotten.  This is maddening.  It should not matter which order Firefox windows are closed: the tabs in the original window should always remain (ie. return when next used).

Using an add-on such as STG (with tab-saving enabled) helps - but only by recovering from auto-backed-up copies of tab groups!


New member

Yeah, if I understand the above correctly, Firefox needs to keep a history of active tabs, not just from the previous session but for several past sessions. Less frequently than before, but again today when I opened Firefox all of my previous tabs were gone and  I wasn't able recover the previous session nor restore recently closed tabs. Why not keep a table of tabs from previous sessions? Pick a number, a half dozen might be a good enough number, whatever, and tag the entries with a date/time stamp.

New member

I too am frustrated when reopening Firefox looses any pinned tabs. That defeats the concept of, and greatly diminished the value of a pinned tab.