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Status: New idea

The About Firefox mini-page only displays the version of Firefox.

About Firefox pageAbout Firefox page

The about:buildconfig page shows some tools and options used to build Firefox.

about:buildconfig pageabout:buildconfig page

The about:support page also displays the OS, build version, User-Agent and tons of information.

about:support page (extract)about:support page (extract)

But there is no page displaying SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine version or Firefox revision like on Chromium chrome://version/.

Chromium chrome://version/ pageChromium chrome://version/ page

It would be nice to have:

  • A page about:version, that would be similar to Chromium chrome://version/.
    • Only versions, not too much information like on about:support
    • version is a more explicit name than support when you look for versions
    • Includes SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine version or Firefox revision which are actually not displayed anywhere
  • If creating a new page is not desirable, then just adding SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine version or Firefox revision to about:support.
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SpiderMonkey's source code is stored in the same tree as Firefox's source code, and SpiderMonkey doesn't use separate release cycle than Firefox.

The standalone SpiderMonkey's version is the Firefox's version itself (often ESR version is used), and when SpiderMonkey is embedded into Firefox, there's no separate version number.

So, if Firefox's version is 114.0.1, and if standalone SpiderMonkey is built from the same source, its version is also 114.0.1.